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Advanced SEO Course

If you are looking for best SEO Course in Mumbai, welcome to Optron Academy. At Optron academy, we have prepared one of the most advanced SEO training program that provides you real SEO knowledge which you can implement on your project and campaigns

Our SEO 2020 course is well structured practical SEO course which covers all latest and advanced on-page and off-page SEO techniques

What is SEO?

Before I talk about our new SEO course, let me explain you about SEO in simple words. 
SEO is part of digital marketing field. SEO process to rank website on the first page of Google to attract free traffic on website or blog. Companies can use SEO to promote their business and generate leads, bloggers can use SEO to bring free traffic and make money from Ads or affiliate marketing.

SEO is one of the fastest growing field in digital marketing and demand for SEO expert is growing very fast. By 2020 almost all companies who are into ecommerce will need SEO experts to drive traffic to their ecommerce website or mobile app

SEO experts earn huge salary and freelance SEO professionals can make more than 60K to 100K per month by working with international customers and large SEO projects. Some of the SEO experts who are also bloggers are able to earn income in $$$$ from ads and affiliate marketing and blog posting

Do you know?

You are learning wrong SEO

Many people think that SEO is about adding keywords to website and writing content with those keywords and then building some links to website. 

Well, if you are learning SEO by searching in Google and still not able to get top ranking for those difficult keywords then you are learning wrong SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is combination of art and science. If you are one of those unsuccessful people who have tried all possible SEO tips and tricks after watching thousands of hours of videos and still unable to get results, then this SEO course is for you

Things you will learn in Advanced SEO course

Introduction to New SEO Techniques

In this part you will learn fundamentals of SEO, Old SEO techniques and why old techniques don't work

Understanding How Google Works

Learn how Google works, Google algorithm and SEO ranking factors, common mistakes etc

Understanding SEO Fundamentals

Understanding SEO terms, types of SEO techniques, black-hat and white-hat SEO, local SEO etc

Technical SEO

Here you will learn how to setup a website for SEO, .htaccess, ROBOT.TXT, errors, redirects etc.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO techniques, content writing, on-page SEO audit, site structure, navigation etc.

Off-page SEO

New link-building and off-page SEO techniques, using SMM for SEO and traffic generation

Google Search Console

Role of Google search console in SEO, how to use GSC, indexing URL, monitoring performance etc

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to measure website traffic, bounce rate, sessions and behavior etc

Google Trends

Using Google trends to understand popular search queries, research about topic popularity

"Learning SEO online was bad decision, I spend months to learn SEO and then finally I found Optron Academy on Google. After looking at their course content, topics and reviews on Google, I finally decided to join Optron Academy to learn SEO. Learning SEO was really fun and easy at Optron. "
Satej Nagwekar
SEO Manager in Digital Agency