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Facebook group posting or calling random people to buy your product or service is just a waste of time and I am sure you have experienced it.

Join me for “Lead Generation” Live Workshop, I will show you how I am using “Google Ads” to generate thousands of ready to buy high-quality leads for my business and for my customers.

Why waste time on Facebook when you can get genuine customers from Google?

Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes

Posting on Facebook and Instagram, making random calls and trying to send emails to random people, connecting on LinkedIn and pitching your products or services is time consuming and expensive.

You know this.. Still

You are assuming, If I post on Facebook group or LinkedIn, thousands of people will be able to see my ad and then they will call me or ask price, they will comment and I will get engagement on social media, this will help me get more visibility and I will get leads.

But the reality is ... You just get some likes from your friends, some comment asking for price and you feel wow.
Finally you reaslise .. it was cold lead....

If you have already used Google Ads but not getting leads...
Join my webinar to learn why Google Ads is not working for you

Google Ads Myths

Common myths about Google ads. Join my webinar and I will prove they are really myths. I will show you live, how to setup Google ads

Google Ads is difficult

Google Ads is expensive

People don't search in Google

It's only for big companies

Need to hire agency

Requires Good website

Competitors click on our ads

People don't click on ads

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Why Google Ads is Imporant?

Who can learn Google Ads?

Join my Live Webinar to discover

I have been using Google ads since 2014 for my business and for my customers. I have used Google ads for generating leads for Education sector, Software companies, IT  companies, CRM and ERP companies, Real Estate, Trainers, Consultants, ISO services and also for E-commerce business to sell their products online.

Importance of Genuine Leads

Why FB posting is waste of time

Unknown Benefits
of Google Ads

How to Setup
Google Ads

How to create Campaign

Finding best keywords

Competition Research

Bidding & Budget Basics

How to write
Google Ads

How to measure results

Tips to reduce
Cost Per Click

Google Ads Best Practices

!! WAIT !!

It's not just an overview

You will get to see how Google ads works in real world with live campaign

Miss at your own risk. Think again

Read Carefully - Answers to Common Questions

Get Answers to all your common questions related to Digital Marketing Course, Fees, Duration, schedule, timing.

Is this recorded session or Live webinar?

This is LIVE webinar. Whe you will learn how Google Ads can be used for lead generation. We will be showing you real demo and how to get quality leads on live project.

Is this webinar in English or Hindi?

This will be in Hindi and English. We will be using more Hindi than English as we have people joining from all over India.

Do I get recording of this webinar?

No. We won’t be providing recording of this webinar. You must attend live session to understand how Google Ads can be used for getting quality leads, how to run campaign etc.

How do I get more details about this webinar?

Just register and you will get complete details about webinar, joining link, topics and schedule.

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