Digital Marketing Career in India

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing field in India Digital Marketing is expected to grow much faster in 2018 and 2019 after "Digital India" campaign.

Digital Marketing as a career

If you are considering digital marketing as a career and curious to know about career scope in digital marketing in India, here you will find answers to all your questions about digital marketing career

Things are changing very fast in India. Almost every business is investing in digital marketing and now digital marketing professionals are in great demand. Digital marketing has become one of the most popular career in India recently. Companies have started investing in SEO, Social Media and other such digital marketing channels for promotion and advertising. This means that such companies will need digital marketing professionals to manage their digital marketing activities.

As per recent report by IAMAI, Internet users in India to touch 420 million by 2017 end.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as career?

Choosing digital marketing as a career after graduation can be your best decision if you are passionate about internet technologies, marketing and sales. Digital marketing offers multiple job profiles and good salary and much stable career path. I will share few interesting facts about digital marketing career with you in this article soon.

How Digital Marketing Started in India

It's been more than 10 years since digital marketing exist in India but it was not very popular as career since many people were not aware about it. There were no digital marketing courses and institutes teaching digital marketing. Digital marketing became popular in India after 2007 when websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal started selling products online. People started using social media for marketing and they realised potential of online marketing.

Website development companies started providing SEO services, companies started providing social media marketing services and then digital marketing became popular. Big brands and large companies started investing in digital advertisings like Facebook Ads, AdWords and banner ads to drive traffic to their website. Digital marketing allowed them to reach more customers compared to traditional marketing and then small companies also started considering digital marketing for business promotions.

Growth of Digital Marketing in India

India is becoming digital after "Digital India" ccampaign. Many people who were not using internet have started using internet, mobile internet is becoming cheaper and faster. Now companies have started evaluating digital marketing and they are getting good results and return on investment.

Why Digital Marketing is Good Career in India?

Gone are days when marketing was happening using cold calling and banners. Now, even small companies and individuals have started using digital platforms for marketing and business promotion. Here are few reasons why digital marketing is good career in India

  • Digital Marketing is growing faster in India

    Due to increase in internet users and digital devices, companies have started investing in digital marketing.

  • Growing demand of Digital Matketing Professionals

    Digital Marketing professionals are key people behind success of digital marketing campaigns. They are people who drives digital marketing. If you check recent job profiles and volume of digital marketing demand on job portals you will realise that demand of digital marketing professionals is growing very fast in India.

    Increase in e-commerce and online shopping is also responsible for increasing demand of digital marketing professionals.

  • Digital Marketing is stable career

    If you compare digital marketing career with other similar career options, you will find that digital marketing is much stable career and there is good scope for growth. You can start your career with executive position and can grow further and become team leader, project manager or even analyst. You can keep adding new learning and skills to further grow your career in Digital Marketing.

    Best part of digital marketing career is that if you are doing good and because of you, company is able to increase sales, you get respect and management will never let you go. They knows your importance in their company and they will take care of your needs.

  • Digial Marketing career is Fun

    If you choose sales or accounting or programing, you may keep working on same things everyday and after few years you will find your job is boring, you are not learning anything new. In digital marketing, you get new opportunities and challenges to solve. If you like to learn new things and love to solve challenges, then digital marketing is right career for you.

  • Digital marketing professionals get better salary

    As a digital marketing professional you may start your career with basic salary but as you progress and become expert, you will be able to earn more than what you were getting when you started your career. You never know when new opportunity will knock your door and you will get job which may be paying you 3 times more than you are getting.

Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Check social media, LinkedIn and also job portals, you will see demand of digital marketing professinoals, companies are hiring SEO executives, content writers, social media marketing experts, digital marketing managers, ppc experts. You will find good amount of jobs about digital marketing.

You will also notice that digital marketing jobs are increasing in Mumbai, Delhi and other small cities like Pune, Surat, Ahamedabad and Noida.

Why Digital Marketing is Good Career in India?

Gone are days when marketing was happening using cold calling and banners. Now, even small companies and individuals have started using digital platforms for marketing and business promotion. Here are few reasons why digital marketing is good career in India


Digital marketing is complex and difficult but you have many opportunities, you can start your career as digital marketing executive and then become specialist in some topics which can make you expert and you will be able to earn money and respect.