What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is digital marketing technique used for promoting products, services or business using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Online Brand Building

Build your online brand using social media marketing and digital advertising

Lead Generation

Generate leads for your business using social media marketing techniques

Business Promotion

Promote your business on Facebook and Instagram using social media marketing

Get ready to become a successful social media marketing expert

India is becoming 3rd largest digital nation. It's right time to start your career in digital marketing. We are here to help you learn the skills required to become a successful digital marketer

We have prepared in-depth online digital marketing course with all code digital marketing modules and more than 60 topics to help you learn digital marketing

Increase social media presence of your business

use social media to increase your business presence online, promote your products and business to right customers using social media channels

Increase social media presence of your business

use social media to increase your business presence online, promote your products and business to right customers using social media channels

Increase social media presence of your business

use social media to increase your business presence online, promote your products and business to right customers using social media channels

In this online digital marketing course, you will learn Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Digital marketing strategy creation, WordPress, Elementor, SEO, Keyword Research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC Campaign, SEM, SMO, SMM, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Lead generation techniques, inbound marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, graphics designing using Canva, email marketing using Mailchimp, marketing automation, Google display ads, YouTube channel creation and promotion, using social media for lead generation, blogging and affiliate marketing fundamentals and many other topics

Duration :
10 Days (25 Hrs)

Time :
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Register Before :
31 October 2019

Batch Start Date
5 November 2019

Using Social Media Marketing for Business

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Why learn

  • Social media do's and dont's
  • Using social media to promote business
  • Promote Facebook page and increase like
  • Increase instagram followers
  • Facebook for lead generation
  • Instagram sponsored ads
  • Facebook sponsored ads
  • Promoting Facebook videos
"Running a business, acquiring new customers and doing marketing was
Lakshya Sharma
SEO Manager in Digital Agency

Key Highlights

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  • Learn from the experts with experience
  • 100% practical training on live projects
  • No extra fees for exams or certificates
  • 9 Global certificates including Google
  • Backup Classes & Extra lectures
  • 8 Real Case Studies from Industry
  • Smaller Batch size
  • SEO Audit Tools
  • Social Media management tools
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Content Marketing Tools

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  • 100% Practical Course
  • Detailed understanding of every module and com
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Website Designing Modules

Module 1

Introduction to Excel Interface

  • Starting Excel –> Various methods --> Selecting the ideal one
  • Pinning Excel to Taskbar
  • Adding Excel to start Menu
  • Number of Rows & Columns in an Excel sheet
  • OFFICE Button/FILE icon and it’s use
  • Customizing Toolbar
  • Visiting the ribbon and knowing each tab in short
  • Recognize the main terms used in Excel (Rows, Columns, Constant, Database, Cell, etc.)

Module 2

Navigate and Select in Excel

  • Enabling & working on Drag handlers
  • Understanding the DATE concept
  • Features like ‘Find’ (CTRL + F), ‘Replace’ (CTRL + H),
  • Referencing techniques
  • Name Range Concept
  • Paste Special techniques
  • Format Painter
  • Removing duplicate records

Module 3

Sorting and Filtering


  • Number filtering, Text filtering
  • Filtering on multiple conditions
  • Advance Filter with one/two example(s)
  • Distinguishing between OR/AND/BETWEEN/NOT conditions


  • Sorting within single column with a single condition
  • Sorting on multiple conditions in multiple columns
  • Custom Sorting

Module 4

Essential Formula and Performing Calculations

  • MAX, MIN, LARGE, SMALL, Round and its variations
  • Logical functions:-
    --> Simple IF formula
    --> IF with OR
    --> IF with AND
    --> Nested IF formula
    and nesting of these text functions with one another

Module 5

Basic Excel Functions

  • Text to Column
  • Paste Special
  • Conditional Formatting

Module 6

Excel Shortcuts

  • Shortcuts to navigate and work on excel spreadsheet/workbooks to enhance productivity

Module 7

Lookup and Referencing Functions

  • Vlookup
  • Hlookup
  • Using the Name Range concept in VLOOKUP (or HLOOKUP)

Module 8

Data Validation

  • Data Validation Applying ‘Input Message’ & ‘Error Alert’ in data validation

Module 9

Pivot & Charts

  • Creating and working with Pivots
  • Creating a Pivot report out of a given data
  • Working with various features of Pivot like Grouping, Ungrouping
  • Options in the Value field settings window
  • Charts (Graphical representation of data). Getting to know which charts to be used for your set of data.
  • Basic charts like Column/Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart

Course Includes

  • Fees: Rs. 5,000.00
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Work on Live Projects and Assignments
  • Free Domain & Hosting
  • Make your own website
  • Help to start your own business
  • All Inclusive of Certificate and GST
  • Software Covered: WordPress
  • WordPress, Plugins, Themes