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One mistake can spoil your entire career. Before you join any digital marketing course and visit digital marketing classes near you, join our FREE Digital Marketing Workshop to know all the details which will help you to choose best career options.

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Who Is This Workshop For?

College Graduates

Students who have just graduated or graduating can attend the workshop.


People who have just graduated and looking for a job or is fresher in the related field.


Freelancers who are looking to learn digital marketing and wants to handle projects can attend.

Working Professionals

Professionals who have experience in marketing, sales and other related fields can attend.

Seeking To Learn Advanced

People who have learned basics and wants to learn advanced digital marketing can attend.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners who are struggling to get clients, business, leads can attend

Additional Bonuses You'll Get

Get Certified By OPTRON

Get certified from OPTRON Academy on completion of the workshop

Get Ebooks for FREE

Attend this free workshop and get 100+ downloadable ebooks for free

Join Community of Marketers

Join a community of Digital Marketers where you can talk and learn about digital marketing

Get Workshop Recordings

Get a recording of the 2-day Digital Marketing workshop after the workshop is over.

Why Choose Digital Marketing As A Career?

Reason #1: Digital Marketing Is Growing Fast

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing field in India. Every business today depends on digital marketing for lead generation, increasing sales, acquiring new customers, promoting business. As per recently conducted survey, digital marketing and digital advertising is will be growing rapidly. If you are not prepared for digital marketing and don’t have right skills, you will miss this great opportunity of working in digital marketing. 

Reason #2: Better Compared To Traditional Jobs

Compared to traditinoal jobs like sales or admin or coding or any other boring job, digital marketing is much better.

Reason #3: Flexible Career Options

Unlike many other jobs IT, finance, sales and marketing jobs, digital marketing offers flexible career options. Like you can choose to do job, you can earn side income from blogs and freelance projects, you have option of satrting freelance business after some experience, you can become a trainer, coach, consultant, you can work on international projects and earn in $$$ from India.

Reason #4: Long Term Career

In many jobs, your job becomes saturated after 5 to 7 years and you may not be able to get hike or increment or get promotion due to multiple reasons. While in digital marketing you can start as fresher and then grow as team lead, project manager, head of department and then Sr. Manager or you can also start your own business or can do freelance work. Your income grows with your experience and knowledg. (In other jobs, your income stays almost same even if your experience and knowledge increases)

Reason #5: Difficult To Replace

If you are working as digital marketer, SEO expert or social media manager for a company and doing really very good, company may not ask you to leave and replace you. In many jobs, when a resource becomes expensive, eithter they are replaced by a cheaper resources or they are tranferred to another department.

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An Engineer by Education, Entrepreneur & Marketer by Profession & Training is my passion. For me, results are more important than title and designation.

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