May 21, 2024

5 Reasons to Choose Siteground Hosting

I am a big fan of SiteGround hosting and I always recommend my customers, friends and students to buy Siteground hosting if they are looking for a reliable, secure and professional linux hosting for their website.

I am using SiteGround hosting since 2007. Before moving to Siteground, I was using Inmotion hosting for my business website.

Why did I move to siteground?

I used Inmotion hosting for about 3 years and I was very happy with the speed, uptime and support. When I was using Inmotion hosting, I had html based website and my blog was on Joomla.

But then after few years, my site was down for entire day and they were not able to resolve issue. I decided to migrate my hosting to another service provider and while doing online research, I found SiteGroud. Siteground was having good reviews. But their hosting was a bit expensive compared to Inmotion, but it was question of uptime and security.

I finally took siteground hosting and moved my site on siteground. It was really good. I liked their support and uptime and speed.

At present I have more than 160 domains and 5 different hosting providers for my projects and for my customers. I have used hostgator, bigrock, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger and many other hosting.

But I always use SiteGround for my key projects and all websites and blogs with heavy traffic.

Here are 10 main reasons why I use SiteGround hosting

1. Maximum Uptime

Just imaging you created a blog and shared with your friends and customers, when they try to access your blog, your site is not reachable.

When it comes to choosing a hosting service for website, uptime and reliablility is most important. I have noticed many cheap hosting companies who claim to provide high-uptime but they fail to deliver. Ofthen their websites are down or pages don’t load.

Unlike many other hosting provides, Siteground offers much better uptima and their servers are very reliable. Sitground is using Google cloud infrastructure for maximum uptime and availability

2. Google Cloud Infrastructure

SiteGround is using Google Cloud servers for their hosting plans for maximum reliability, uptime and performance and that too at very affordable price. There are very few hosting companies who are using Google servers for shared hosting.

This is the most important reason for choosing SiteGround hosting

3. Excellent Support

Compared to many hosting provider, I liked their support. They have chat support, email support and also you can call the.

Best thing about SiteGround support is they are always available, they have well trained staff and team of technicians and you don’t need to keep waiting for support.

This is another important reason to choose SiteGround hosting

4. Very Easy to use Interface

If you are new to website and hosting, don’t worry. SiteGroud is very easy to use. You can get started and launc your website in just few hours.

I have recommended SiteGround to many friends and students, they were able to setup account without any further help.

5. Pricing

Let me tell you, SiteGround is not the cheapest. But when you compare to features, reliability, security, uptime and speed of their servers, you will realise it’s worth paying that amount. I am using GoGeek plan which allows me to host unlimited websites. I have more than 23 websites on that plan right now and I am able to recover all my hosting fees from my blogs and affiliate earning.

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer, you can start your blog and earn money from Affiliate marketing and recover your money.

SiteGround is not cheap and it’s not the most expensive. If you are looking for cheap and low cost hosting, then you are taking big risk


SiteGround hosting is one of the best Linux hosting provider with very high uptime and security. I have recommended SitGround to many friends, customers and my students. You can also buy siteGround hosting from here – Check SiteGround hosting plans