Digital Marketing : Step by Step Guide to Learn Digital Marketing Free

Do you want to learn digital marketing online for free? Are you looking for a free digital marketing course and PDF guide?

You have found a right page now. 

This digital marketing tutorial covers everything you need to learn digital marketing.

Digital marketing plays a significant role in growing business, acquiring new customers, increasing online sales and generating new leads.

According to Wikipedia half of the world’s population is on the internet and number is growing day by day. Due to rapidly growing internet users and mobile users, having a digital presence has become very important for brands and businesses.

Part 1: Digital Marketing Introduction

This chapter will cover the basics and fundamentals of digital marketing and various concepts like SEO, AdWords, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Google Analytics, Affiliate marketing and other digital marketing channels.

Before you start implementing digital marketing, it’s important to understand the basic concepts of digital marketing and how digital marketing works.

Often many people think Digital marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing are the same things.

Topics cover under Digital marketing introduction

  • What is digital marketing exactly?
  • What are the core elements of digital marketing?
  • Why digital marketing is popular?
  • What are the digital marketing channels?

Part 2: Getting Started with Digital Marketing

This part of the digital marketing course will cover how to get started with digital marketing and what tools you will need to get started with digital marketing.

What are various ingredients required to start digital marketing and how to make a plan?

To start digital marketing you must have a website and a domain name. Your website and the domain name is your digital identity which is used to build your presence online.

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Part 3: Starting a website for digital marketing

This part will cover the importance of having a website for digital marketing, how you can get your website and start digital marketing.

  • How to register a domain name using Godaddy?
  • Buy hosting from Siteground or other hosting company
  • Setup domain and point domain to hosting server
  • Creating an email address for business
  • Installing WordPress for website
  • Configure WordPress and install required plugins

Part 4: Getting ready for SEO and Google Ads

This part covers how to start with SEO and Google Ads and things required to start with SEO and Google Ads.

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to SEO and Google Ads
  • Installing Google Analytics code on the website
  • Configure Google search console
  • Link Google Analytics and Search console


Step 1 : Start with research online using Google and get brief idea of digital marketing

Step 2: Take a notebook first and start taking notes of points you read online

Step 3 : After reading basics, decide on topics you find useful.

Step 4 : Take one topic at a time and start research and start taking notes

Step 5 : Watch youtube videos of key topics and start understanding those topics

Step 6 : Find Good Online course or join academy in your area.

Step 7 : Take a project on digital marketing and implement things practically

Step 8 : Apply for job and internship and start working with digital marketing agency or for a company

Step 9 : Keep learning new topics while you are working, keep making notes and improve knowledge

Step 10 : Take initiative and give a presentation on various digital marketing topics and you will be able to improve your self confidence

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Now this is how you can start learning digital marketing

Here are important points to remember

  1. You can’t become digital marketing expert by just going to digital marketing institute or attending course
  2. Digital marketing requires continuous learning and practice
  3. Digital marketing learning should be systematic
  4. Always have a mentor who will guide you
  5. Don’t try to learn everything together. Always go step by step
  6. Take one topic at a time and become expert in one topic fist
  7. Don’t waste your time in just reading free courses and guides
  8. Purchase a book about digital marketing and start learning

Learn Digital Marketing online for free

If you search the internet, you will be able to find many articles, blogs and books related to digital marketing. You can use digital marketing tutorial, digital marketing tutorial pdf, learn digital marketing online and get the right website.

Best way to learn digital marketing online is to first understand what is digital marketing and fundamentals of digital marketing.

Don’t jump to advanced topics.

First understand the basics of digital marketing and then slowly move to the next topics.

Here is my Digital Marketing Tutorial for beginners –

This tutorial has complete information about digital marketing.