April 13, 2024

How to learn digital marketing at home for free?

Digital marketing skills are critical even for those who are not actively working in the digital marketing industry. Having digital marketing knowledge is becoming important even for students, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Due to the increasing demand for digital marketing professionals in India, you can consider digital marketing as a career after 12th or graduation.

In fiscal year 2019, the total digital advertising expenditure across India amounted to over 160 billion Indian rupees. This was estimated to go up to almost 540 billion rupees by the fiscal year 2024

You know why it’s important to learn digital marketing …

Now the question comes is how to learn digital marketing?

If you are already working don’t have time to attend digital marketing classes, you can learn digital marketing at home.

There are mainly 2 ways to learn digital marketing 

  1. Learn the basics of digital marketing for free online
  2. Learn complete digital marketing by joining a digital marketing course

The best way to learn digital marketing at home is to start learning from online courses and videos available on the internet and YouTube.

In this article, I will share how you can learn digital marketing online step by step and the best online courses to learn digital marketing.

I will also share a few paid courses and links to the websites from where you can learn digital marketing online.

Learn digital marketing online from home

Step 1: Define your learning objective

Before you start learning digital marketing, define your objective as why you want to learn digital marketing and how it will benefit you.

Why do you want to learn digital marketing?

Ask this question to yourself first.

Just to upgrade the knowledge

Is it for just acquiring knowledge or you want to make a career in digital marketing? If you are learning to upgrade your knowledge, you can start with the online fundamental course first and by reading digital marketing tutorials.

Want to make a career in digital marketing

If you are learning to make a career in digital marketing, you must first learn from online courses and improve your basic knowledge about digital marketing and then join a good digital marketing course.

To become successful in the digital marketing field, I would always recommend you to learn digital marketing from a good and reputed institute and acquire a certificate which can help you get a job.

I want to learn to grow my business

At my institute, I am getting many inquiries from business owners, entrepreneurs and people who want to learn digital marketing to grow their business or to start their own business.

If you are a small business owner, you can learn digital marketing and generate leads or promote your business without depending on any digital marketing agency or any freelancer.

I will also recommend, courses and topics for entrepreneurs.

Step 2: Understand digital marketing basics

Start with the basics of digital marketing. Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing first by reading online digital marketing tutorial.

Learn basic digital marketing terms, various digital marketing channels like SEO, SMM, SEM, SMO, content marketing, Inbound marketing, outbound marketing, web development, content writing, blogging etc.

You can also watch YouTube videos to learn more about basics and fundamentals.

Once you complete your theory part and done with the understanding of digital marketing concepts, move to digital marketing implementation.

Step 3: Create your own website and blog

Digital marketing is 10% theory, 30% practical, and 60% implementation. You can’t learn digital marketing unless you do it yourself.

As I always say, “digital marketing sikhne ke liye, digital marketing karna padta hey”

It’s like learning Yoga or swimming, you can’t learn Yoga or swimming just by watching video or reading books.

Books and videos will help you understand theory only. To become a digital marketing expert, you must practice digital marketing on live projects.

Step 4: Start with Google Ads

Google ads are the future of digital marketing and digital advertising. If you are learning digital marketing to get a job in this industry, you must have complete knowledge about Google Ads and managing search and display ads campaigns.

Google Ads is not difficult to learn and practice. You can start learning Google Ads by creating a Google Ads account and start creating campaigns.

There are many Google Ads courses and tutorials available online which can help you.

Step 5: Create your own Facebook page and Instagram business account

Now start building your own social media presence and start following people, start promoting your blog using your social media accounts.

Since social media plays important role in digital marketing and branding, having social media accounts will help you understand how Facebook, Instagram works, how to create content, how to get more likes on Facebook page and how to get more Instagram followers.

Step 6: Launch your YouTube channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. To become full-stake digital marketer, you must know how to create a YouTube channel, how to upload videos and how to optimize YouTube channel to increase subscribers.

Creating your own YouTube channel will help you understand and practice YouTube marketing. This will also help you become popular as a digital marketer and build your own personal brand.


Digital marketing is a big and complex topic. To become a digital marketing expert and start a career in the digital marketing industry, you may require proper certificates, in-depth knowledge, and practical exposure on a real project.

Learning digital marketing from online courses or by reading blogs may not help you get a job or you won’t get complete knowledge.

One more thing you must consider when you learn digital marketing online is that many digital marketing online courses and blogs may have old or half-information or sometimes wrong information.

If you are considering digital marketing from a career perspective, you must join good digital marketing classes and learn from experts.