55+ Top Digital Marketing Courses in India with Fees & Duration

We all know that digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing careers in India and the best way to start a digital marketing career is by joining a good digital marketing course.

But, how do you know which is the best digital marketing course in India?

Before you join any digital marketing course, don’t forget to check Optron Academy digital marketing course.

Also, you will find a complete list of digital marketing courses in India and digital marketing institutes in India with fees, syllabus, course modules and duration.

Digital Marketing courses in India

What is a Digital marketing course?

A digital marketing course is a curriculum that helps you learn digital marketing. Digital marketing courses are prepared by various digital marketing institutes, colleges or sometimes by digital agencies.

A typical digital marketing course includes various digital marketing modules, digital marketing tools and digital marketing techniques. Depending on the level of the course and fees, it may contain more or fewer modules.

Usually, digital marketing courses are offered by private institutes or by some colleges. There are many digital marketing institutes in India providing digital marketing training from basics to advanced levels.

Institutes like Optron Academy offers various online digital marketing courses and classroom training for college students, working professionals and digital marketing workshops for entrepreneurs.

Which is the best digital marketing course in India?

If you are looking forward to joining a digital marketing course, you might have found various types of digital marketing courses while doing an initial search on Google. Actually, there are hundreds of digital marketing courses offered by various private institutes, some are offered by colleges, some are offered by agencies and private trainers also.

Before you could decide on the right digital marketing course, you must first understand different types of digital marketing courses in India and their modules, fees and duration.

How much does a digital marketing course cost in India?

If you search on the internet, you will find different types of online digital marketing courses, offline digital marketing courses including free digital marketing courses.

In India, 3 months advanced digital marketing courses start from Rs. 24,500.00 and may cost up to Rs.65,000.00. Actual fees for the course depends on modules included, duration, trainers and institutes. Some institutes sell their courses as low as Rs.10,000.00

Types of Digital Marketing Courses in India

  1. Online digital marketing courses
  2. Classroom training or Offline Digital marketing courses
  3. Online video courses
  4. Email courses

Digital Marketing Courses after 12th: Fees, Duration & Syllabus

There is no doubt that digital marketing is the future of marketing and the best part of digital marketing is you don’t need specific education qualifications to become a digital marketer.

There are many successful digital marketing professionals who haven’t completed their graduation. You can even learn digital marketing while you are in college or after completing your 12th standard.

To become a digital marketing professional, you can join a digital marketing course after 12th and start learning digital marketing while you complete graduation.

About Optron Academy

Optron academy is the leading digital marketing training institute in Mumbai. Optron academy provides classroom training, online courses and workshop for students, working professionals and business owners.

We specialize in Digital marketing courses and many other courses like Basic SEO, Advanced SEO courses, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Course, WordPress Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media marketing etc.

Apart from job oriented courses, we also offer short term courses and workshops for business owners, job seekers, working professionals and freshers.

Optron was started in 2007 as an IT company, in 2014, we started our training division to provide SEO courses and Digital Marketing training. Today we have more than 24 different courses, we have provided training to more than 3000 people and helped students build their careers in SEO, Social Media and Digital marketing.