How to Become A Digital Marketing Expert – Step by Step process

Do you want to become a Digital Marketing Expert?

Are  you confused about how to start and where to go?

You are not alone. There are many students and professionals having similar challenge and question.

In this article I will answer all your questions to become a digital marketing expert in India and various career opportunities in Digital Marketing field in India.

I will also provide you links to some of good digital marketing courses to learn online and resources to upgrade your digital marketing skills.

What is Digital Marketing?

This is first thing we need to answer before we go to our main topic.

Digital Marketing is all about marketing using digital platforms like Internet, websites, social media channels and mobiles and list is huge ..

Digital marketing is concept of communicating with customers and target audience using various digital channels.

Why become a Digital Marketing expert?

Simple answer to this question is – Digital is the future of marketing and business. Everything is becoming digital. From TV to Payment and from Payment to Printing.

Digital Marketing has become extremely popular in India since past few years. Almost every small to large company is investing in Digital marketing and they are moving their marketing budget from traditional to digital.

Not only that, even consumers are also using digital platforms like search engine and social media to research about products, they are using e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart to buy products online.

According to IMRB International study, India currently spends 12 percent on digital marketing. The Times Internet comprehensive online study of CMO’s and CDO’s states that digital spending shoots up to 50-55 percent for some brands and industries. The spending is as high as 75-80 percent for new age online retail firms.

Additionally, 90 percent of Indian brands spend 15 percent of their annual marketing budget on social media.

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There is huge demand of Digital Marketing Professionals in India

Internet population is growing very fast in India. This new age digital consumers wants to know everything about products, services and brand before they make purchase decision.

Companies who are still using traditional marketing have started moving towards digital marketing, but due to limited knowledge of digital marketing and how to use digital platforms, their current staff is unable to go digital.

This is major reason why companies are hiring digital marketing experts to take care of their digital marketing projects.

Now digital marketing has become a next big career in India

Gone are the days when marketing using TV and Print ad was generating business. Now Digital Marketing has changed the game. Digital marketing is becoming next big career opportunity very soon.

What does digital marketing experts do?

Digital marketing experts do many things. From creating digital marketing strategy till analysing traffic and implementing strategies to grow revenue.

Digital marketing experts are mainly responsible for implementing digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing experts work on many digital marketing topics to drive more traffic on website, promote business on Social Media, managing digital ad campaigns, improving conversion etc.

How to become digital marketing expert?

Digital marketing is not theory. Digital marketing is practical. You can’t become a digital marketing expert by reading a blog, reading a book or watching video.

To become a digital marketing expert, you must practice digital marketing and keep learning new digital marketing topics.

You must start with understanding digital marketing concepts, marketing concepts, understand business and various web development technologies.

It’s important to know about upcoming digital marketing trends also.

Here is how you can get started with your career in Digital marketing field

Step 1 – Start reading Digital marketing blogs and tutorials

To become digital marketing professional you must start understanding digital marketing concepts, learn more about what is digital marketing what are different topics in digital marketing.

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Digital marketing is complex topic, to lean digital marketing you may have to read multiple tutorials and blogs.

Here is a link to Digital Marketing tutorial  for Beginners

you must start first from beginners level before you move to advanced tutorials

Understand each concept in detail and move to some of online courses

Step 2 – Start learning online courses of Digital Marketing from Basics

There are many online videos about digital marketing and many free courses. Watch some of videos of digital marketing and understand fundamentals.

It’s better to learn concepts first and remember terminologies.

Step 3 – Learn Digital marketing terminology

To start your career in digital marketing, you must know digital marketing terms. Here you will find digital marketing terms you must know to become digital marketing expert

Digital marketing terms you must know

Step 4 – Start with SEO and content writing

SEO is backbone of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing start with SEO and ends with SEO. To become expert in Digital Marketing, you must become SEO expert.

Practice SEO and content writing to improve your SEO skills.

Step 5 – Buy a good quality laptop (MacBook is best)

You will need a good quality laptop with latest operating system and browser, various digital marketing tools, SEO tools, image editors and applications to edit and modify web pages.

MacBook is best choice for digital marketing professionals. It’s stable, fast and secure. MacBook comes with many applications for recording screen videos, image editors and applications for editing videos.

Step 6 – Start your own website and a blog

As I mentioned in this post, digital marketing is all about results and practical approach. It’s not theory. Unless you have your own website or a blog you can’t practice digital marketing.

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Create a website and a blog first.

You can buy a domain name from Godaddy and host website on

Step 7 – Attend Digital Marketing workshops and seminars

Digital marketing seminar and workshops are great place to learn new things in digital marketing, you get to meet new people, you can learn from them. Attending seminar on various upcoming topics can help you stay updated about latest news and skills in digital marketing world.

Step 8 – Join good Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is not just theory. it’s all about learning practically by doing. Always choose classroom training with limited students per batch.

Make sure courses have practical and hands-on training.

There are many digital marketing institutes and courses which are just providing basic digital marketing course and some certificates.

Certificate may add value but knowledge and practical knowledge is more important to get job.

You can check Digital marketing course in Mumbai to know more about fees and timing options

Step 9 – Follow Digital Marketing experts on Twitter

Start following digital marketing experts on Twitter to stay updated with their articles and knowledge they share.

Keep reading their blogs and articles. Try to implement their learning and experiment.

Step 10 – Read digital marketing books

There are many free PDF books, many digital marketing books on Amazon which you can order to start reading. You must take one topic at a time and become expert in that.


Digital marketing is complex and it keeps changing. To become a digital marketing expert, you must keep learning, keep practicing and stay updated with latest happenings in industry.

There is nothing like “expert” in digital marketing industry. Digital Marketing is huge, you can call yourself Digital Marketing professional or Digital Marketing Practitioner.



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