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This digital marketing guide will cover all you wanted to know about digital marketing, fundamentals about digital marketing and how to start your digital marketing campaign.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is complex topic, different websites have different meanings for digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about using various online marketing channels to reach your potential customers or using search engine to get found by potential customer.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Markeitng (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • PPC Advertising / Banner Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Video Advertsing
  • Online Digital PR
  • Blogging & Influential Marketing


Digital marketing is not just limited to promote your business. Apart from business promotion, digital marketing platforms can also be used for customer service and brand building. Digital marketing is flexible and versatile.

Companies use digital marketing for educating their customers and connect with their customers using social media to offer better customer services experience. Companies use social media to collect feedback about their products and services, they use digital marketing to build community and also for customer support

Some companies use digital marketing for creating brand awareness and brand recall by using social media and blogging platforms.


Entire world is rapidly shifting from traditional media to digital media. People are consuming more and more digital content. There are more people are using digital media than traditional media channels like print, radio, tv and events.

If you try to compare digital marketing to traditional offline marketing, you will find that digital marketing is easy to implement, easy to measure, monitor and modify.

Digital marketing allows you to make changes in your marketing channels based on results and you can experiment with new channels and take data driven decisions.

Using Digital Marketing along with traditional marketing can deliver best results.

Digital marketing is still not very popular in India. In India, many companies still believe that tradional marketing or offline marketing works better. Many companies feel that digital marketing is expensive and very complex.


Right time to start digital marketing is now. If you are into business and having a website then it's time to launch digital marketing. You can start exploring digital marketing and then slowly start inverting more money into digital platform.

Often companies start with digital marketing without learning, understanding digital marketing and they make mistake. Digital marketing is easy if you know how to start and how to manage digital marketing.


This is most common question I get from people. Cost of digital marketing is always less than benefits you get. If you are considering digital marketing, you must consider digital marketing as an investment. Digital marketing becomes expense when you start digital marketing witout knowing what you want to do and how to do. If you start experimenting with digital marketing, you will start losing money and business opportunities both.

Your investment in digital marketing depends on your business objectives, marketing objectives and sales targets. Don't invest in digital marketing unless you have digital marketing plan ready.


Getting started with digital marketing is not difficult. You can start digital marketing in just few days. You can start building your digital assets and then start optimizing your digital marketing channels.

Before you start digital marketing, you must first learn digital marketing fundamentals and hire professionals or consulting firm to manage your digital marketing activities

  • Step 1. Make a Digital Marketing Plan

    Digital marketing plan will give you directions for digital marketing. Your plan must contain your marketing objectives, digital marketing goals, action items and check list. You can also download sample digital marketing plan from internet

  • Step 2. Decide who will do What? You, Your Team or Agency?

    If you are a small company, it's better to outsource digital marketing to agency or hire a consultant. If you are big company, you can start with hiring resources and also take help of agency. Both models can work.

  • Step 3. Define your Digital Marketing channels

    Before you begine with a digital marketing, you must define your target audience and digital marketing channels you would like to use. How you will reach your target audience, how they will find you online and how you will interact with them on various digital marketing channels

  • Step 4. Conduct a Digital Marketing Audit

    Make a list of all your digital marketing properties and conduct audit of your digital marketing channels and properties. You can take help of digital marketing consultants for conducting digital marketing audit

  • Step 5. Get website for your business if you don't have

    You can't do digital marketing without having a website. You will need digital marketing friendly website. If you don't have website or digital marketing friendly website, get your website made by professionals. Remember, your website will be one of the most important digital marketing asset.

  • Step 6. Start with SEO and AdWords

    Once your website is done, you must start with Google AdWords if you need quick results by paying per click. You can invest in SEO and content marketing for long term benefits.

  • Step 7. Social Media Marketing

    Social media can be useful to your business if you are into b2c segment or you are into small business where you can use social media to engage your target audience, use Facebook and Instagram Ads for promotions. Social media marketing may not help if you are into B2B segment or your target audience don't use social media. (Your digital marketing plan will define which channels can be used)

  • Step 8. Setup Google Analytics & Tools for measurement

    You will need Google Analytics to measure your website traffic, conversion and track visitors on your website. You may also need other reporting tools to measure results.

  • Step 9. Email Marketing & Marketing Automation / CRM

    You will also need E-mail marketing tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, Drip or MailerLite for email marketing and automation. You will need CRM and marketing automation for lead capturing and lead management.

  • Step 10. Digital Marketing Tools

    Digital marketing will not give you results unless you use right digital marketing tools, seo tools, software for social media marketing and tools for automation. You will need to decide on digital marketing tools for managing your digital marketing campaigns


Digital Marketing is deep subject. Understanding digital marketing, aligning digital marketing with business objective and successfully implementing digital marketing is not easy. You will need experienced consultant, team of digital marketing experts and web developers to get results from digital marketing.

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