How to start digital marketing for business?

Why you should choose Digital Marketing for business promotion?

Simple answer to this question is because digital marketing is the future of marketing and having your business on digital platform is important.

You may not use all channels of digital marketing for business promotion but you can choose right channels and start promoting your business on digital platforms.

Many times people say that digital marketing is expensive and time consuming, digital marketing is waste of time and they are not getting results from digital marketing.

This is because they are not doing digital marketing is right way.

I have seen that people start digital marketing without really understanding basics, without defining objectives and without making strategy.

Major reason for digital marketing failure is experimenting and implementing things without understanding basics.

Before you start digital marketing, it’s important to understand your business objectives and how digital marketing can help your business.

How much does digital marketing cost?

Digital marketing is an investment and how much it will cost will depend on how you are implementing digital marketing.

If you start digital marketing without strategy and plan, it will cost you a lot and you will not get any results.

If you implement digital marketing techniques with proper strategy and objectives you will be able to get good returns from digital marketing.

Can I start Digital Marketing without having website?

Website is the most important component of digital marketing. You should not start digital marketing without having website.

Having a website is very important for digital marketing success.

When you make website, you must consider following things.

  • Your website should be mobile friendly, responsive
  • It should be fast loading
  • Must have good and readable fonts
  • Should be developed using latest HTML and CSS coding
  • Must have simple and easy navigation
  • Content should be optimised for audience
  • It should be developed keeping conversion in mind and not just traffic

Always hire professionals to make your website, don’t experiment or waste your time in making website unless you know what you are doing.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing

You can’t ignore power of digital marketing. If you are planning to start digital marketing for your business, you can start here with step by step process

Learn Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

It’s important to know basics of digital marketing and how digital marketing can help your business.  I would suggest you to start reading digital marketing blogs like and articles on

  1. You can buy some digital marketing related books and start understanding digital marketing in detail.
  2. Attend seminar and workshops happening in your area.
  3. Talk to your friends who have implemented digital marketing and ask their opinion.

You can book your consulting session with me to discuss about your digital marketing plan.

Define your goal and objectives

Remember that digital marketing is more strategic then technical. You must define your goals and why you want digital marketing. Your most common digital marketing goals could be

  1. Lead generation
  2. Brand promotion
  3. Increasing sales
  4. Acquiring users
  5. Creating product awareness

They are common digital marketing goals.