Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners

Purpose of this digital marketing tutorial is to create an awareness about digital marketing and help you understand fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Before you move to advanced digital marketing topics, it’s important to learn and understand basics about digital marketing.

In this tutorial we will learn basics of Digital Marketing and various topics covered in digital marketing.

Let’s Start learning Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a buzzword in India after Digital India campaign, every individual is curious to know about digital marketing and how digital marketing works.

  • Students wants to know career scope in digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs are curious to know more about how digital marketing can benefit their business
  • Working professionals are considering digital marketing as alternative career options

What is Marketing?

Before you learn Digital Marketing, It’s important to understand what is marketing.

Marketing is not about promotion or advertising only. Marketing is a complex topic or a concept which is used to make a comprehensive plan of action or a strategy to increase sell, create an awareness about brands and products etc.

In very simple terms Marketing means communicating the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people using RIGHT medium.

Marketing plays a major role in creating awareness about business, increasing customer base, growing sales and building brand. Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business and without effective marketing, growing business becomes almost impossible.

Effective marketing requires careful planning, creative approaches, and smart execution

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about promoting business using digital channels like Internet, website, blogs, social media platforms, video marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and the list is huge…

Digital marketing is not new. It’s been around since Internet started. Now digital marketing is becoming popular due to increase in internet users, mobile phone users and digital content consumption.

Ref – MoZ

What are major topics covered under Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is huge and complex, which includes many topics and sub-topics. To become digital marketing expert, it’s important to have knowledge about all digital marketing topics

List of digital marketing topics

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • PPC Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Video Advertising
  • Online Digital PR
  • Blogging & Influential Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing by some people. Search engine marketing means you use search engine as your primary marketing channel. Search engine marketing contains SEO and search advertising.

Many people or institutes are confusing people with connecting SEM with PPC which is not true.

Search Engine Optimization (Also known as SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the most important part of Digital Marketing. SEO is about getting organic traffic on website from search engines. In digital marketing space, SEO is considers as one of the most effective channel for getting visibility, traffic on website without spending too much.

Things to know about SEO

  1. SEO is long term strategy
  2. SEO is part of inbound marketing and Search Engine Marketing
  3. SEO gives you better ROI compared to other channels.
  4. Search Engine Optimization is difficult, complex and time consuming. But, delivers better results if implemented properly.

Search Advertising 

Search advertising is another popular channel of digital marketing. Search advertising is often confused with PPC. Search advertising is about paid advertisement in search engines.

  1. Search advertising is paid advertising
  2. Typically advertiser will pay per click
  3. display advertising is also part of search advertising sometimes
  4. Google Adwords is one of the most popular platform for search advertising

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about using social networking platforms and social media websites for marketing. Social media marketing is now becoming popular due to increase in internet users and social networking users. Social media marketing is about promoting business using social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Quora, LinkedIn and many such popular social media networking website.

  1. Social media marketing is growing very fast
  2. Social media advertising is also part of social media marketing
  3. social media marketing has both organic and paid channels
  4. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter Ads etc. is part of social media marketing

Email Marketing & marketing automation

E-mail marketing is one of the most confusing part of digital marketing mix. some people call it bulk mail, some people call it mass mail and some are even confused between mass mail and email marketing.

Email marketing is very old marketing channel and it’s also changing very fast. email is one of the most preferred communication channel for marketing after SMS and growth of whatsapp and other marketing channels.

Email marketing is not primary channel for marketing but it’s enabler. It’s communication channel between brands and buyers. Everyday email marketing is improving and now email marketing has become part of marketing automation.

Marketing Automation is the future of email marketing.

  1. E-mail marketing is now becoming part of marketing automation
  2. Email marketing is very effective medium for communication
  3. Email marketing offers much better ROI compared to many other marketing channels

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

digital marketing strategy is different from a digital marketing campaign.

Digital marketing strategy is prepared by a digital marketing strategist. Digital marketing strategy is a broad plan which defines long-term goals, objectives and how to achieve those objectives.

Digital marketing strategy may include digital marketing campaign.

A digital marketing strategy involves:

  • Defining customer profiles
  • Defining marketing objectives
  • Alignment of business and marketing goals
  • Identifying target markets
  • Competition analysis and information
  • Digital marketing channels to be used
  • Budget and how to measure results
  • Role of team and team members
  • Reviewing and optimising campaign performance


Now you know what is digital marketing and various digital marketing channels, you can now move to the next article of how digital marketing works.

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