5 Best Email Emarketing Tools For Startup & Small Businesses

There has been a buzz that Email Marketing is dying as it is not getting a response from other Social Media mediums like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.

However, using Email Marketing is still reliable if used the right way and it is proven itself to be an effective method of communication.

I’ve been using Email Marketing for sending the courses details to our contact details. Informing them about the new batch starting, modules and other details related to training. So, that the students are aware of what, when, where our activities are done.

This will bring them an interest to know more about our services and from here the interaction starts. Keeping your audience engaged is essential and that is why Email Marketing tool still exists and we know better how to make best use of it.

Here are the below Tpo 5 Marketing Tools we have used and I wouls recommend you to use it for your start-up or business to generate more leads and more business.

1. Mail Chimp

Remember, sending an email should only be about your business. Do no share funny links or sending unprofessional information. Eamil Marketing is all about collecting statistics, sending emails and improving performance.

Mail Chimp allows you can even send out surveys. This is a great opportunity for subscribers to vote on the best icon for your app.

See above image, Mail Chimp allows you to measure import lists, create and send campaigns, and proceed to build your audience.

You can create different Campaigns and select the contact groups as per the schedule. Mail Chimp will automatically send emails to the list of the group added to each Campaign.

You also have an option to choose if everyone on your list gets the email or a specific segment only – you can customize accordingly.

Creating a segment is simple, use filters to build contacts subsets, use previously created segments or cut/paste from a recipient email address list. The tracking options let you know who has opened the email messages and which campaign receive the most clicks.

These Email campaign can be easily tracked to your website through Google Analytics. To use “auto-responders”, you must have a paid account – you can automatically trigger specific responses or segment users based on actions they take. After sending out your emails, MailChimp allows you to integrate your social channels to post regular updates on Twitter and Facebook.

As per the multiple features and user-friendly, Mail Chimp stands on top of the best Email Marketing tools.

2.Get Response

GetResponse is another best email marketing solution, having powerful features and tools to give your email marketing campaigns a huge boost in effectiveness and drive the results you want.

To create campaigns, you can use two tools: Start from scratch and use the Email Creator tool that comes with hundreds of templates. If you wish to use your own code, utilize the HTML tool.

The GetResponse dashboard displays all your campaigns in one place. You can view useful info such as the number of contacts that got your email and the number that opened it. Google Analytics, which is a tracking tool is already integrated with Get Response, makes it easy for you to see the performance of each of your campaigns.


3. Mad Mini

Mad Mimi is the easiest and simplest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters.

If you want beautiful, mobile-friendly emails, then Mad Mimi is best email marketing tool which will guide your design. Using Mad Mimi’s ultra-clean interface and thoughtful style-design approach, you’ll be able to create the best-tasting emails for your campaign.

You just need to have your content ready & select the styles and you are ready to send an effective email in minutes.

The best part of using Mad Minis as your Email marketing tool is that you can save your customized styles or clone your work to never lose you favourite design.

4. Constant Contact

Constant contact is one of the most popular email marketing tools which is easy to use. Constant contact allows you to send 50 emails and 12000 emails per month for free.

Constant Contact was very popular email marketing software before MailChimp came to market. Constant contact has a free plan where you can store unlimited contacts, you can send up to 50 emails per send and 12000 emails per month.

If you need unlimited emails, you will have to buy their services which starts at Rs.1,999.00 per month for up to 2500 contacts.

5. AWeber


AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing and marketing automation platform designed to help small businesses to send targeted and effective emails.

AWeber lets business marketers integrate their email marketing accounts with various business apps, which allows information sharing among different departments.

It allows users to send auto-responders based on day and time, contact behavior and tags that have been assigned to database contacts. Through the tracking feature, users can keep tabs on where contacts are in the lifecycle of a campaign, as well as which emails and campaigns got the most activity or led to the most unsubscribes.

The best feature that AWeber allows users to compare variations in specific elements of their emails to see which performs better. For example, a user can A/B test two different headlines to see which one generates the higher open rate.

AWeber offers more than 700 email newsletter templates that are mobile responsive.

Bhavesh Gudhka

An entrepreneur, trainer and business consultant. Founder of Optron Technologies and CEO of Spanrig Digital